Student Ministries


Student Ministries


New Life Fellowship Student Ministries is dedicated to teenagers. We provide an uplifting and encouraging opportunity to connect with God. Our goal is to develop teens into the young ladies and gentlemen Jesus has planned for them to be. Students take an active role in the direction and in the leadership of the ministry. Through this process they will grow closer to God, each other and to the community.


We know that life happens. Our Pastors, leaders and students support, counsel and advocate for each other. We never walk alone in our journey. This support structure allows and emboldens our most precious resource to grasp faith and make a tremendous impact on the world.


We believe in our teens. we provide a place where they can be honest and open without the threat of judgment. They are heard, accepted and empowered. we equip them to be a light for Jesus through the developmental process of…



- Pastors, Youth Leaders and Student leaders set the example for Biblical living.

- Opportunities to learn the music-ministry from other musicians.

- Church members passing on knowledge of skills, professions and real-life solutions.


Students Reaching Students

- Teens extending the love of Jesus to each other; In the group and outside the group.

- Being the light; When teens experience trouble and tragedy, they have a beacon of

  light leading them to help.

- Offering peer-to-peer advice and encouragement.


Students Teaching Students

- Students share the word of God with each other so they can grow their faith in His


- They share experiences in how God provides for them.


Equipping Students

- Our teens are provided opportunities to step out of their comfort zone and experience

  new and exciting events like Christian music concerts. Youth Rallies, over-the-road trips

  and local activities. This keeps them looking forward to new experiences.

-They gain a sound foundation for successful living

- They have opportunities to serve the community through volunteer work at local

  charitable organizations.


Age Groups

- Middle School and High School : Combined to allow older members mentor and

  minister to younger members.

- College Students: Part of our adult ministries at this time.


Learn More

For more information about our Student Ministries, please contact us, or call the church at 712-322-1721.














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